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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of files can I send to Microprint?
For fast service and predictable results, please send PDF files. We prefer PDF with embedded or outlined fonts.  Remember to add crop marks and flatten your files before uploading. You may also send the file types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff and eps.

About transparency.
Do not include transparency. Even the smallest transparency issue will cause problems with a printed file. It is always best to flatten any file you send. Outline fonts and ensure that your file is in CMYK mode for best results. Flattening transparency part of basic file setup and will not be checked for this issue.

2. What color mode should my files be?
Please send us CMYK color files. There is sometimes a shift in color when converted from RGB to CMYK. If you convert the files to CMYK at your end, you will see any shift in color and would have opportunity to correct it.

3. What resolution should my file be?
For best quality pl send 300 dpi files.

4. How should I set up my bleed and crop marks?
Please provide .125" bleeds. Please keep all text at least 0.125" inside the cut-line.

5. How much can you enlarge my graphic files?

Vector Art
If your file is a vector, there will be no loss of detail, scaling up or down. For example, you can give us 2” x 8” file and we can enlarge it to 24” x 96” without any loss of detail.

Raster Art
Raster files are calculated by pixels rather than inches. The pixels are converted to inches based on the resolution of a file. The equation for the conversion is (pixels divided by dpi = inches). Raster files have a limitation of 30,000 pixels. A file that is 30,000 pixels set at 150 dpi will be 16' (200"). If your artwork is more than 30,000 pixels, we recommend dropping your dpi or scaling down your artwork.

Resolution & Scale Charts
Resolution varies based on the substrate and ink used to print the final product. If your artwork needs to be scaled, we recommend using the following information as a basic guide:

Large Vinyl any size Banners:
Full scale at approximately 100dpi
Half scale at approximately 200dpi
Quarter scale at approximately 300dpi

Full scale at approximately 200dpi.

Full scale at approximately 250dpi

Indoor Banners, Car Magnets, Adhesive Vinyl and Large Posters:
Full scale at approximately 300dpi

Full scale at approximately 250dpi

6. What should be the size of font to be visible.
Please refer Scale & Resolution Example Chart and Letter Visibility Chart below:

Letter Visibility Chart

Letter Height

Max Impact

Max Readable

3 inch

30 feet

100 feet

4 inch

40 feet

150 feet

6 inch

60 feet

200 feet

8 inch

80 feet

350 feet

9 inch

90 feet

400 feet

10 inch

100 feet

450 feet

12 inch

120 feet

525 feet

15 inch

150 feet

630 feet

This is based on dark text on a plain white background in clear weather conditions


18 inch

180 feet

750 feet

24 inch

240 feet

1000 feet

30 inch

300 feet

1250 feet

36 inch

360 feet

1500 feet

42 inch

420 feet

1750 feet

48 inch

480 feet

2000 feet

54 inch

540 feet

2250 feet

60 inch

600 feet

2500 feet

This is based on dark text on a plain white background in clear weather conditions